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Bhopal Tours

See scenic sandstone hills interspersed with craggy rocks and gurgling streams that have been mute witnesses to great historic events as you tour old fortresses, palatial mansions and monuments in Bhopal with Destination India Tourism.

Bhopal gets its name from the great Paramara King Bhoja Pal who ruled the Malwa region in the ancient times. Bhopal is one region that was ruled by a series of begums and queens who contributed generously to the architectural heritage of this ancient region.

Spread on the embankments of the Upper and Lower Lakes Bhopal is a repository of richly carved monuments and ethnic treasures.

The main highlight of Bhopal heritage tours with Destination India Tourism is a visit to the Taj Ul Masjid that is also known as 'Masaajid' that literally means several mosques and thus the Taj Ul Masaajid was meant to be the "Crown of all Masjids or Mosques).

Constructed by Shah Jehan Begum, the beautiful Taj Ul Masaajid is one of the largest mosques in Asia. The northern wall of this spectacular place of worship meets the crystal waters of a soothing tank. Marvel at the architectural splendor of this glorious monument on Bhopal tours with Destination India Tourism.

Visit the glorious Gohar Mahal that stands proud on the banks of the Upper Lake in Bhopal, India. Built by Qudsia Begum this ornamental expression of art is an artistic representation of Indo-Saracenic architecture.

Tours to Shaukat Mahal in Bhopal light up your tour as you find yourself in the midst of picturesque walls representing an enchanting blend of European building styles with ethnic Indian and Islamic construction principles.

Dhai Seedi Ki Masjid or the mosque of 2 and a half steps is Asia's tiniest mosque that forms a stopover while on a tour of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in India. Travel to the enchanting ruins of a city built by Dost Mohammad on the outskirts of Bhopal - Islam Nagar and admire the gold-spiked crown minarets of the massive Jama Masjid in Bhopal with Destination India Tourism packages.

Other Bhopal attractions that enchant you on your heritage tours to this culturally wealthy region include the Bharat Bhawan, Moti Masjid and the Purana Qila.

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